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We are a leading company in Malaysia, manufacturing of cocoa-based beverages with owned brand (Koko Minda Plus and Co-Collegen Plus) mixed with herbs and Sunnah Food. We obtained Food Safety Certification (MeSTI) from Ministry of Health (MOH) Malaysia and HALAL Certified Company from JAKIM. We are capable of producing 2 tonnes of supply in a day.Our products had been distributed throughout Malaysia. Recently, we had signed MOU with Indonesia and Philippines’s distributor to export our products in 2016.

Contract Manufacturing

We are also providing Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) services from packaging right up to product formulation in order to meet customers’ requirements. Our OEM products can range from 3-in-1 Coffee and Goat’s Milk.

Trading / Agent / Stockists

We had been experienced in beverage industry for than 5 years. We can consult the new entrepreneurs who are interested to be our agents/stockists. Be part of our company and generate income from our best products.

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